Wednesday, 16 July 2014


How do you read them?

I sometimes think my reading habits are a bit peculiar.

 And my trilogy reading can reflect this.

I read the whole of the Twilight series in about a week, such was my desire to swallow up and partake of the series - though strictly speaking, it isn't a trilogy!

However, with the Stieg Larsson books, I read one and two avidly, but have not read the third yet because once I do then the series will be over; there will be no more.  So I am saving it for a special day....

I devoured the first Hunger Games book, and then went and bought numbers 2 and 3 straight away too.  I stopped myself from launching straight in, Twilight-style with reading them, and actually haven't opened them yet.

And then there's the wonderful All Souls trilogy of books... I adored the first one, but again, bought the second one and held off reading it until number 3 was available.  Number 3 came through the door today (squeal) so I've pulled book 2 off of the shelf where it has patiently sat for over a year waiting to be read!

Is it just me?!

Happy Reading

Miss Chapter x


  1. I hardly ever read a complete trilogy in one go, not sure why. I always devour the first book and then must buy the second and third but hold off reading them, maybe, as you say, it's because I don't want the story to be over! I read the first Steig Larsson as a graphic novel but I haven't read the others yet.

  2. First me hv chck this out right up my street, thanks hx


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