Monday, 21 July 2014

Books, books, books, books...

Everywhere and anywhere.  My shelves are now all double-stacked and there are two boxes full under the bed.  I seriously don't have room for any more at all.  However, that hasn't stopped me from ordering some extras that I haven't got in my collection!

I'm hoping this might come today - as a former History teacher, I still love my delve into the past and I can't wait to read about the WI during WW2.

The Lace Reader is all about magic and witchcraft in Salem which is a subject I love very much.  Having a chat with a friend on facebook last week, I recommended this book to her.  Afterwards I thought, hmmm, I want to read it again, so ordered it from ebay.  Then something started ticking in my brain, a feeling of deja-vu, I went to one of the bookshelves, and took down the front books.  Hidden behind, out of sight, was another copy of the book.  Clearly, when I finished reading it from the library the first time around, I had had exactly the same thought then too.  I've since sent the second copy on to my friend in the hope she will enjoy it as much!

The same friend then recommended this book to me, so I went and ordered a copy of that too!  Again, it's a magical tale which I'm sure I'll love!

Continuing on the witchy/magical theme, I stumbled across this book on the internet, so another ebay order ensued!  The publisher is sending me the next book too, so I'm very keen to get started on this one!

At the library on Saturday, while registering the girlies for the summer reading challenge, I decided to peruse the 'books for sale' section - never a good idea.  Oh, 3 books for £1 you say?!  Go on then!

I love a crime novel, me, so this one, about the first female American President got me interested!

I really enjoyed Mr Rosenblum's List, also by Natasha Solomons, and this one keeps popping up on my radar, so I grabbed a copy - though the deja-vu feeling associated with this one isn't going away.  I might need to check the shelves again, just in case....!

And of course, my newly found love for all things Neil Gaiman continues in the form of this collection of short stories.  I can't wait to get stuck in....

Luckily, it's now the school summer holidays and I'm hoping to squeeze in lots of reading over the next six weeks - if the children let me that is!

What are you reading or buying right now?!

Happy Reading

Miss Chapter x

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