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How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran
Published by Ebury Press
2nd May 2013
Paperback Edition


Possibly the only drawback about the bestselling How To Be A Woman was that its author, Caitlin Moran, was limited to pretty much one subject: being a woman.

MORANTHOLOGY is proof that Caitlin can actually be 'quite chatty' about many other things, including cultural, social and political issues which are usually the province of learned professors, or hot-shot wonks - and not a woman who once, as an experiment, put a wasp in a jar, and got it stoned.

These other subjects include...

Caffeine | Ghostbusters | Being Poor | Twitter | Caravans | Obama | Wales | Paul McCartney | The Welfare State | Sherlock | David Cameron Looking Like Ham | Amy Winehouse | 'The Big Society' | Big Hair | Nutter-letters | Michael Jackson's funeral | Failed Nicknames | Wolverhampton | Squirrels' Testicles | Sexy Tax | Binge-drinking | Chivalry | Rihanna's Cardigan | Party Bags | Hot People| Transsexuals | The Gay Moon Landings | My Own, Untimely Death

I love Caitlin Moran's writing (and I probably love her a bit too), ever since her 'early' days of writing for Melody Maker which I used to read at a boyfriend's house back in the 90's.  She was always 'too cool for school' in my opinion and I savoured her direct opinion of bands and other such stuff.

Moranthology is her second book, following on from How to be a Woman.  Basically it is a collection of some of her articles from various sources, updated with a bit of info about each piece.  Obviously if you are of a stalkerish fashion, and have read everything she has ever written in a newspaper then you have probably already read of all these articles before, and therefore, I would argue, they are not going to surprise you in any way whatsoever.  However, if you haven't read these already, then this book is well worth a look at.  Surprisingly I now have a new-found respect for Keith Richards which I never, ever thought I would have before.  If references to drugs, sex and swearing aren't your thing though, steer clear, as Ms Moran doesn't mince her words, but isn't that her appeal?

Oh, and it's pronounced Cat-lin, not Cait-lin.  Who knew?!

Happy Reading

Miss Chapter x

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  1. Whoop, I shall be picking this up! Never read her columns before, but loved How to Be a Woman and just started How to Build a Girl. Thanks for the heads up!


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