Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August buys

Amazingly there is always room in your life for more books, isn't there?  It's a pity that the shelf space here doesn't feel the same, but it hasn't stopped me from buying a few more editions to add to the already over-flowing collection of un-read titles currently on the floor bookshelves.

Having recently read Heresy by S J Parris, I've swiftly added books two and three to my shelves, as I got book four last year when it was part of the Specsavers TV Book Club reads.  I really enjoyed Heresy, and there will be a review up soon so I'm looking forward to continuing my adventures with Giordano Bruno.

I found two more Agatha Christie books to add to the shelves!  I haven't caught up with the new Tommy and Tuppence series yet, and have heard mixed reviews about it, but I will endeavour to give it a go regardless.

A twitter friend recommended I buy The Rosie Project as I was looking for an upbeat read after reading two harrowing stalker novels back-to-back.  I wasn't able to get that on my charity shop haunts, but I did get the sequel, The Rosie Effect.

I also found Eva Rice's The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp after devouring her re-published novel The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets - again, review coming soon! 

And on the back of reading that, I've just ordered the almost 700 pages long book Passion by Jude Morgan based on the women in the lives of the Romantic poets Byron, Shelley and Keats as it was one of the titles included in the back of Eva Rice's book and it sounded rather fascinating.  It might take me a while to get through that one though!

And don't even get me started on the kindle buys!  This week alone I've downloaded The Ice Twins, You and Vanessa and her Sister!

Oh, and on it's day of publication, I bought the new Patrick Gale, A Place called Winter too!

So...what books have you been buying, and enjoying this August?

Happy Reading

Miss Chapter x

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