Friday, 12 December 2014

Dying for Christmas

Dying for Christmas by Tammy Cohen
Published by Black Swan
20th November 2014
Paperback Edition

I am missing.

 Held captive by a blue-eyed stranger. To mark the twelve days of Christmas, he gives me a gift every day, each more horrible than the last. The twelfth day is getting closer.

 After that, there’ll be no more Christmas cheer for me. No mince pies, no carols. No way out …

 But I have a secret. No-one has guessed it. Will you?

For the final Christmas themed read of the week, it's a thriller billed as a similar read to best-selling novels Gone Girl and Before I Go To Sleep, both of which I've already read, so I was interested to see how Dying for Christmas would fare in comparison.  It tells the story of Jessica, in a relationshiop but a bit bored with her boyfriend, Christmas shopping on her own.  Having stopped for a coffee, she is joined by Dominic, a good looking man who manages to tempt her to go back to his flat.  Only that's where Jessica's 'Christmas cheer' comes to an abrupt end, because Dominic can only be described as a psychopath intent on making this Christmas the final one for Jessica.  The question is, why did he choose her, and what does he have in store as the twelve days of Christmas are counted down one by one?

Initially I was sceptical, I mean, who in this day and age, goes off with an apparent stranger, to his flat, without telling anyone, and expects to be safe?  Actually, probably quite a few people, so maybe this isn't that extreme a scenario.  Dominic, from Jessica's written description of events, is a complete nutter, and it is clear from the outset that he does not intend to let Jessica leave the flat, ever.  As the days count down, her family and boyfriend have no idea where she is, but as the police investigate, it becomes obvious that there is also more to Jessica than initially meets the eye.

The book takes a dramatic twist in the middle that I wasn't expecting, as I did wonder at times where it could be leading with so much of the story left to read.  I wasn't disappointed and I would argue that it is every bit as good as those titles it is compared to.  Dying for Christmas would make a cracking film!

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  1. It sounds thrilling! Another must read. Thank you for sharing.


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