Monday, 29 September 2014


Trespass by Rose Tremain
Published by Vintage
6th January 2011
Paperback Edition

In a silent valley in southern France stands an isolated stone farmhouse, the Mas Lunel. Its owner is Aramon Lunel, an alcoholic haunted by his violent past. His sister, Audrun, alone in her bungalow within sight of the Mas Lunel, dreams of exacting retribution for the unspoken betrayals that have blighted her life.

Into this closed world comes Anthony Verey, a wealthy but disillusioned antiques dealer from London seeking to remake his life in France. From the moment he arrives at the Mas Lunel, a frightening and unstoppable series of consequences is set in motion...

Blimey, I downloaded this onto my kindle pretty much as soon as it came out, and until last week, hadn't read a page of it!  My kindle is a lot like that though.  I see a book I fancy, press the button, and then there it sits, waiting, and sometimes waiting, and waiting a bit more.  However thanks to Simon over at Savidge Reads, I finally decided that Trespass should have it's moment of glory and I would finally start reading it.

I've not read any of Rose Tremain's work before, though I don't know why, but I romped through Trespass and really enjoyed it.  It's broken up into a number of parts, it begins with a school picnic, a new pupil running off into the words, followed by an earth-shattering scream.  We then move to England, to the world of Anthony Verey who is an antiques dealer in London who has finally realised that the world around him is not the same anymore, and feeling disillusioned by it, decides to move to France to be nearer to his sister.  Meanwhile, over in France, we meet another pair of siblings, Aramon and his sister Audrun who have an awkward relationship.  However, when Aramon decides to sell the family house, things take a turn that no one was expecting.

I did enjoy this book.  I loved the variety in the characters that Tremain has created.  They seem whole and real, especially in that they all have flaws which writers don't always focus on, here it is their flaws that are the key to the story I think.  I can't wait to read more of her work, and I have a copy of The Road Home on it's way to me as I type.  Anyone else read Rose Tremain?  What would you recommend?

Happy Reading

Miss Chapter x


  1. Funny, I couldn't get in to Trespass, but I loved The Way I Found Her, and more recently, The Road Home, which is one of my all-time favourite books – highly recommended!

    1. I have The Road Home now so will let you know what I think - eventually!

  2. I loved Trespass and glad you enjoyed it too. I wasn't so taken with The Road Home – I thought the homeless man had it too easy to be credible – but The Colour is a great read.
    I see you're rating Guttenberg's Apprentice at the moment – my review's here – – let me know what you think.


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