Friday, 26 September 2014

Horrid Henry's Guide to Perfect Parents

This review is a little different from normal, in that it's written by my daughter!  She asked me yesterday if she could review a book for the blog, and of course, I had to say yes, so here it is:

Horrid Henry's Guide to perfect parents
By Francesca Simon
Illustrated by Tony Ross
Published by Orion Children's Books

Ever wondered how to get more pocket money? Or how to stay up later? Or watch more TV?
Discover all the answers in Henry's top secret and hilariously horrid guide to parents.
I thought this book was great because Henry always gets into mischief. He never gets away with his harmful plans to Peter (his brother). Henry hates getting told off by Perfect Peter (well Henry doesn't think Peter is Perfect)! What matters to Henry? Nothing at all!

This book is suitable for 5-7 because it is a little bit to hard for little children.

Buy this book now for only £1.00 for your children and hope they enjoy it.

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  1. Sounds like a fun book, I shall be recommending it to my friends' children. Thank you for sharing your review.


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