Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The Fear Blog Tour

The Fear by C. L. Taylor
Published by Avon
March 2018

After my review yesterday, I wanted to share an exclusive extract from The Fear to whet your appetite for reading this gripping thriller.  Currently, if you have a kindle, it's also only 99p at the moment, so what are you waiting for? 

If you fancy seeing who else has been on the final part of the blog tour, and who else is still to come, here is the list of us all:

And now for that extract....

How long does it take to get discharged from a hospital? When I was woken up just after six this morning to have my vitals taken, I asked the nurse whether I could leave, seeing as everything appeared to be normal. She told me no, I needed to be officially discharged by a doctor. It’s now lunchtime and there’s still no sign of a doctor. When I moaned to the nice lady who brought me a tiny portion of spaghetti bolognaise with a pile of overboiled carrots and a cup of tea, she shrugged and said, ‘You might be here for hours yet, darling. They’re all terribly overworked.’

Find out who is in hospital, and why by getting a copy of The Fear!

Happy Reading

Miss Chapters x

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