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Red Witch

Red Witch by Anna McKerrow
Published by Quercus Children’s Books
10th March 2016
Paperback Edition

Seventeen, heartbroken, powerful; Demelza Hawthorne has run away from home and the safety of the Greenworld.

In the cities of the Redworld, Melz discovers she's special, and for the first time in her life, desired. And not just for her magical talents. When Melz meets the young but influential Bran, their attraction is instant and electric. In the Redworld, with Bran by her side, Melz believes she can reach her true potential.

But the world Bran promises Melz is ravaged by war and violence. Fuel is running out, and people will do anything to gain control of the remaining resources. Melz may be more powerful than ever, but power can be a curse in the wrong hands.

This is the follow-up to Crow Moon and the second in the trilogy of books about the Redworld and the Greenworld.  Danny takes a back seat this time, and the book focuses entirely on Demelza, or Melz as she prefers to be known.

Due to the ending of book one (no spoilers here) Demelza is heartbroken and decides to leave her life in Cornwall behind and move to the Redworld and Glastonbury.  She yearns for a new future, where she can leave the past and her sorrows, behind her.  When she gets to Glastonbury she meets a trio of girls who proclaim themselves to be witches, though they are nothing of the sort, and Melz is taken in by them.  The Redworld is in turmoil though, there are growing divides within the community between those who have, and those who haven’t and it is causing more than just tension.

The girls introduce Melz to Bran.  Not only is he good looking but also a very rich and powerful member of the Redworld community, Bran instantly sees that a combination between himself and Melz could only be a good thing for the world around them, and growing power is something that attracts them both.  What Melz has to decide though, is whether combining her power with Bran is really for the greater good.

I enjoyed this even more than Crow Moon and it was great to get another perspective to the story.  We learn more about the two societies in this book and I think that it helps to build up a bigger picture of the entire world that Anna McKerrow is describing in her books.  I am now on tenterhooks waiting for book three to come out as I think we are in for some powerful magic in the finale.

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