Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Silver Witch

The Silver Witch by Paula Brackston
Published by Corsair
6th December 2015
Paperback Edition

My mind is like the willow; it flexes and springs. My heart is a knot of oak. Let them try to wound me. Let them try.

One year after artist Tilda Forwells loses her husband, she is finally ready to move into the secluded Welsh cottage they were meant to be sharing together.

In the valley below her mountain home is a mystical lake which inspires a strange energy in her. She starts to experience potent dreams, visions, presentiments which all lead her to Seren, the witch and shaman who legend has it lived on this lakeshore in Celtic times.

As Tilda explores the lake's powers and her own, her connection to Seren grows stronger. And when she comes under grave threat, she must rely on Seren and this ancient magic to save her.

This is the first Paula Brackston novel I've read, but it won't be the last.  If you enjoy magic, spells and witchcraft in your reading, then this is an author you will want to discover.  The Silver Witch is set in two different time zones, the present, and back in time to when the Celts were ruling Britain.

Tilda Forwells moves to a remote cottage in Wales, a year after her husband is killed in a road accident.  Drawn instinctively to the cottage, Tilda begins to start her life anew following her bereavement but strange things are afoot within the walls of her new home.  Surrounding the cottage is a lake that seems to carry within it it's own power and Tilda starts experiencing visions and an increasing power that seems to stop electrical forces without her control.  What was it that drew Tilda to this remote part of Wales and how is it affecting her day to day life?

The second story of the book concerns white witch Seren, lover to her prince and powerful seer of all that is to be predicted surrounding her lakeside village.  Her life as a seer is a dangerous one, and there are those who wish her dead, especially once her relationship with a married man are brought out into the open.  What though, is her connection to Tilda and can she finally be laid to rest?

There are lots of historical references in this story and I loved the weaving together of the Celtic past and the modern day story.  I can't wait to read more now.

Happy Reading

Miss Chapter x

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