Sunday, 1 March 2015

UKYA Extravaganza

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the first ever UKYA Extravaganza in Birmingham.  Held at Waterstones, it was the brain child of authors Emma Pass and Kerry Drewery.  A total of 35 different YA authors all attended, along with fans and bloggers.  Can you spot yourself?!

The afternoon was heaps of fun, I met lots of authors and bloggers, including Kerry, C. J. Daugherty, Robin Stevens and the lovely Maia, from Maia Moore Reads.  One lady there, with her two daughters, had driven all the way up from Cornwall that morning! That's dedication for you.

Robin Steven opening the show!
Amongst the chatting, drinking and cake eating, there was the opportunity for photo shots, book buying and signing.  I managed to get the next three in the Night School series of which C. J. signed all three copies.

C. J. takes to the mic
I wanted a copy of Crow Moon by Anna McKerrow too but it sold out before I got there.  There were lots of other books to be tempted by, and I was pretty good to restrain myself to just those three.

Emma and Kerry taking a well earned rest!
Hopefully this is the first of such events as I think it was a fabulously great day out, and we all seemed to be having a great time!

All the authors together

Thanks again to Emma and Kerry for having the idea, getting it organised and inviting me along.  I'm definitely going again next year!

Happy Reading

Miss Chapter x


  1. I spotted me :) Was great to meet you, hope to see you at another event soon!

  2. Aren't author events just fabulous. I have only read a very few YA books so wouldn't know any of the authors however, have went to Waterstones to get acquainted with new ones. Always a great night and atmosphere, looks the same here. Lovely you got to meet other bloggers too!



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