Friday, 2 January 2015

Die Again

Die Again (Rizzoli and Isles 11) by Tess Gerritsen
Published by Bantam Press
1st January 2015
Hardback Edition


In Boston, Detective Jane Rizzoli and Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles are investigating a bizarre murder. A man has been found gutted and hanging in his home. When the remains of another victim are found, it is clear that this murderer has been at work for years, and not just in Boston.

Six years ago, a group of travellers set off on an African safari. None of them are seen again – apart from one woman who stumbled out of the bush weeks later, barely alive. The only woman to have seen the killer’s face.

Has the ‘safari killer’ resurfaced in Boston? Jane is sent to Africa to find the one link between the two cases – the only survivor - and convince her to face death once again...

Tess Gerritsen is back with her latest Rizzoli and Isles thriller.  This one begins in Africa, on safari.  I was instantly captivated and drawn to the heat of the wilds, with jungle animals roaming dangerously outside your tent, with only a warning bell to alert you to attackers.  Only in this case, the warning bell doesn't sound and one by one, the innocent tourists are violently killed.

Six years later, in Boston, two people are found murdered in their apartments, and Maura Isles believes there is a link between them.  Can these two seemingly separate killings actually be intrinsically linked to the killings in Africa almost a decade before, and should the only remaining survivor of that trip be worried that the killer will be looking for her next?

I haven't read any Rizzoli and Isles for a while and I have missed them.  It was nice to be back in their company again, as well as roaming around Africa with a killer on the prowl.  I thought I'd got this one sussed out though, and in my head, I was naming the killer with confidence.  Only I was so wrong on that front, and I'm still kicking myself for having not worked out 'whodunnit' before it was revealed to me.

Don't worry if you haven't read any of the previous books in this series, as Tess Gerritsen makes them work entirely as stand-alone novels, so feel free to jump right in here with number 11 and then work your way through the back catalogue.

Happy Reading

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