Monday, 13 October 2014

The It's about time you read it Challenge

Miss Chapter's It's about time you read it Reading Challenge

I know, I know, I only posted an hour ago and here I am posting again, twice in one day! I've been a-thinking, about books.  I have lots here, the tbr pile is no longer a pile, but a bookcase in its own entirety and that doesn't just include my review books, but all those books I've purchased over the years planning on reading and yet never getting around to.  Who are these people who only ever have one book on the go?  I have at least two books being read at any one time. Am I odd?!

Anyway, I digress somewhat.  I'm thinking that if I set myself a sort-of reading challenge on here, then I would have to keep it, or it would be pretty poor if on my own blog I can't keep my own promises.  So...along with my book club read (this month it's a dire choice that I might not even open), and with my Pretty Nostalgic book club coming up in December, plus obviously all the books I've got to review on here,  I was thinking of choosing a book to read that's been sitting on the shelves, or virtually (on the kindle), unread and all alone.

Now obviously, the dilemma is what to choose as there are so many titles here it's unbelievable (and most of my books are still in storage).  I've thought, and thought (and thought some more) and decided that as I keep saying I ought to read a Dickens novel, I'm going to challenge myself to read Great Expectations.  I have already started, but not completed it, so now is my chance - and if you fancy doing so too, please join in!

I'm setting myself a deadline of Friday 14th November to come back and blog about it so I guess I had better get a wiggle on!

If you fancy joining in, do let me know!

Happy Reading

Miss Chapter x

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  1. I have read Great Expectations at least 3 times and could easily read it again. So many books, so little time.


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