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The Witch of Little Italy

The Witch of Little Italy by Suzanne Palmieri
Published by St Martin's Griffin
17th April 2013
Paperback Edition


Eleanor Amore doesn't remember anything before the last day of her tenth summer.  But when she suddenly returns home to her estranged family in the Bronx, called there by "The Sight" she shares with the other Amore women, it starts to haunt her in flashes: turning cartwheels on sun-drenched breaches, giggling during games of hide-and-seek, and Anthony, the first love who she left behind.  Bewitched by the world she is now a part of, Eleanor works together with her newly found love and uses her ever-strengthening inner powers to solve a decades-old mystery -which provides the key to the Amore women's magical secrets.

This is the first book in the 'witch of' series by Suzanne Palmieri, The Witch of Belladonna Bay has just been published (and is waiting here to be read and reviewed), and Suzanne has literally just finished The Witch of Bourbon Street.
So, what's it all about then?  Well, as the blurb says, university student Eleanor Amore returns to her family home after a spat with her self-centred mother, remembering nothing of her great aunts since she was ten years old.  Why is this, and why does she feel so drawn to return to the fold?  Add to this the fact that she is pregnant, and in an abusive relationship, along with the added complication that her first, and true-love, lives in the same building, and you have all you need for a fantastic read. 

Yes it is magical, and mystical, but beautifully written.  I was drawn into the lives of the Amore family, of the sisters  Mimi, Fee and Itsy, with all their quirks and powers,  of the growing relationship between Eleanor and  Anthony, and of the spells and fantasy entwined in this tale.  It's a feel-good read for anyone who loves a touch of magic in their lives, and I can't wait to read the next book!

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  1. Thank you! I picked this up whilst in a book shop, but wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it. I trust your opinion, so will buy it soon.

    1. Oh thank you Jen, hope you love it too x


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